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You're a medium-sized business owner with 50-250 employees and you're a bit new to the idea of sustainable business. However, you know that your business needs an intervention, not only because it'll help the planet, but also because your customers and investors are becoming more conscious about your impact, and you NEED to save your image! With our help, you (and your staff) will get the tools you need to achieve peak sustainability and also learn more about how to market yourself as such (without greenwashing of course)!

Here's What's Included:

- A 30-minute educational session on business sustainability and why it's important (for the business owner).

- A 2-hour site visit and auditing session. The first hour will facilitate a tour of the facility with a focus on: waste generation, waste disposal, energy consumption, and water usage. The second hour will allow for the completion of the Auditing Tool. 

- A 10-page report which details your audit results (highlighting your weak and selling points).

- A 40-minute meeting to discuss your results and draft your sustainability objectives and sustainability mission statement.

- A customized, 20-page "Green Business Guide" including short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations for your business.

- A 2-hour sustainability staff presentation (facilitated by yours truly) to introduce your workers to business sustainability and the company's strategies moving forward. 

- Access to our green marketing guide.

- Additional resources that are specific to your business/area.

- Access to four 40-minute monthly check-ins to discuss progress and challenges.

- Unlimited email support for four months.

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