Industry: Ecotourism/Fashion and Jewellery

Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Contact Information:

Number: 1 (868) 474-2144


Products: Handmade upcycled and natural jewellery.

Services: Ecotourism tours, Outdoor Expeditions, Adventure Activities, Road Trips, Environmental Consultation, Brand Ambassadors for green businesses, Content creation and Geography Lessons

Sustainable Practices:

1. Creating a community environmental advocacy group called "Changemakers for the environment".

2. Having eco-friendly tours to educate clients on the importance of various ecosystems.

3. Promoting the use of refillable water bottles or cups and providing drinking water at all events.

4. Catering refreshments with the intention of minimizing waste.

5. Encouraging the recycling of items brought by participants.

6. Minimizing the use of paper by having online registration.

7. Encouraging carpooling and/or hiring group transportation for events.

8. Hosting an annual nature walk, cleanup, and picnic in June.

9. Hosting educational workshops.

10. Collaborating with green businesses and groups for cleanup and tree-planting events.

11. Recruiting persons to serve as brand ambassadors for eco-initiatives.